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The First Aid Squad is currently conducting its first capital campaign in 50 years!  The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for a new building to be constructed on the squad’s existing location across from the Middle School in Summit.  During the construction the Squad will operate out of temporary facilities generously offered by the Salerno Duane car dealership.  Construction of the new facility is planned to start in spring, 2014.


The Need for New Facilities

The current Squad building was constructed in 1964.  Ambulances at that time were retrofitted Cadillacs and the supplies, training, and communication necessary to administer first aid was rudimentary. 

With the significant advances in Emergency Medical Services over the past fifty years, the building is now inadequate to meet the needs of The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad in serving the community.

Modern ambulances do not fit into the existing bays.  The First Aid Squad must select and modify ambulances to fit into the building.

The building does not have enough space to accommodate existing vehicles.  The Squad’s fourth ambulance and a First Responder Vehicle are parked outside where they are exposed to the elements

There are no sleeping quarters for volunteers.  During inclement weather, volunteers often spend the night  in the building. They sleep on couches or air mattresses and share a single, small shower. During Hurricane Sandy, and last year during Hurricane Irene and the October snowstorm, the squad had up to three crews in the building 24 hours a day, sleeping on sofas or the floor.

Decontamination facilities are deficient.  The building does not meet modern regulatory standards for safely addressing bloodborne pathogens and hazardous materials that may be encountered on emergency calls.

Existing rooms do not serve functional needs.  The Squad’s key building areas are overcrowded, undersized, and ill equipped to handle the squad’s operational and administrative requirements.  These include an office, a training room, a transmitter and computer closet, a kitchen, and a maintenance room.

The building suffers from structural damage.  Despite the poured concrete construction, the flat roof continues to leak despite numerous repairs, walls are damaged, and lintels are deteriorating.

Inadequate storage hinders operation.  Supply cabinets cannot be adequately stocked, storage for oxygen tanks do not meet current standards, heavy equipment in bays present a safety concern, and all squad rooms are cramped and overcrowded with supplies. 

The building does not meet modern codes.   Many current regulatory, fire, and safety codes are not met and cannot be cost effectively retrofitted.


Design Considerations

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad has employed the services of Robbie Conley, Architects.  The firm specializes in Public Safety facilities.

In addition to meeting the functional requirements of the Squad, the new facility is designed to augment the architectural elements of many Summit landmark buildings, including the Middle School and the Summit train station.  The building is also designed to fit in with nearby residences, as well as the Art Center next door.

Design consideration has also been applied to the residential properties the property abuts.  Mechanicals such as Air Conditioning are enclosed within the building to reduce noise, and ambulance bays are directed toward the Middle School parking lot to minimize ingress and egress noise of emergency vehicles.