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Saluting the Squad

Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad President Bob Flanagan stands with Mayor Nora Radest, who holds the proclamation she issued September 17 declaring September as ‘Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month’ in the Hilltop City.

The honor acknowledges the 94-member Squad and its all-volunteer membership — which includes 22 junior members — for more than 57 years of dedicated service to the Summit community. “The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad members have given an untold number of hours of service to Summit residents and patrons of our businesses, medical institutions and stores,” said Mayor Radest.  

In addition to lauding the response to thousands of “routine” emergencies, the Mayor also noted the extraordinary service provided by the Squad during major incidents, including a major decontamination effort on September 11, 2001, and operating a temporary emergency clinic at their building during fire, power outrage at Overlook Medical Center.

Funded entirely by private donations and founded in 1962, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is the City’s primary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, answering 9-1-1 medical calls 24-hours a day as well as providing stand-by coverage at community and sporting events, non-emergency medical transport for Summit residents, community safety.

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Support the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Annual Appeal

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is asking area residents to support
the vital, life-saving services it provides for the Summit community in its 2019 annual fundraising appeal. Requests for tax-deductible donations to directly fund its operations were mailed to homeowners and
businesses in Summit during the week of September 22.

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is not a city agency and receives no funding from the municipality; it relies solely on private donations to fund the purchase of medical supplies, equipment, and for professional training of its members. The First Aid Squad has no paid staff.

“A fundraising appeal was recently mailed by the First Aid Squad to all homes and businesses in Summit,” explains Squad President Bob Flanagan. “Our dedicated EMS volunteers save lives every day by providing the best emergency medical services possible at no cost to patients. We need your support to continue our essential work. Please consider making a donation today.”

While many towns have been forced to hire paid Emergency Medical Services (EMS) units, Summit remains one of the exceptions with its team of full-time, dedicated Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) volunteers, many of whom are Summit residents. Founded in 1962, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad responds to more than 2,100 calls a year.

In addition to its 65 adult members, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad includes 20 junior members, high school students ages 16 and older that assist in emergency calls.

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad, Inc. is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to providing emergency medical services (EMS), non-emergency ambulance transportation, and safety training to the Summit community.  All of its services are provided free of charge and funded entirely through private donations. Follow these links for information on becoming a volunteer, or donating to the squad, or call 908-277-94