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The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is pleased to announce its 2023 Leadership team.  Mayor Nora Radest visited the Squad’s Summit Ave. building to administer the Oath of Office. 

The Squad’s new President is John Buscaino who was Vice President last year and was also served as President in 2018. Kerry Whitcher, who has been the Squad’s Personnel Lieutenant  for several years is the new Vice President.  Treasurer Bob Mendes and Secretary Rob McGrath return in their respective roles.

George Shepherd who was Deputy Chief last year is the new Chief and Laura Bevenento, last years’ Training Lieutenant is the new Deputy Chief.   Mel Harari who served as Record Lieutenant for 10 years has now assumed the role of Training Lieutenant.  John Christmann, a former President who also served as Equipment Lieutenant is the new Records Lieutenant and Tory Weeks is the new Equipment Lieutenant.

Squad Trustees include: former President Kevin Caropreso, former President and Chief John Staunton, and returning Trustees Rich Burns, Fred Schwarzmann, and Nancy Weeks.

Last year Squad members answered 2,326 emergency calls.

The all-volunteer First Aid Squad, responds to emergency calls 24/7, is entirely funded through private donations and does not bill for service. The Squad is always looking for new volunteers to join its ranks. All needed training, uniforms and equipment is provided. For information on becoming a volunteer, or donating to the squad please call 908-277-9479, or visit their web site at:

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